Pros of A Writing Contest

If you aspire to be a writer and consider entering writing competitions, you are on the right track. Some writers have realized tremendous success without ever entering writing competitions. But writing competitions always give an edge to a writer. 

Benefits of Writing Contest

Here a few reasons why you should consider entering a writing contest.

  • You get money if you win
  • You get inspiration to write better
  • You get bragging rights
  • You get published
  • You get validation as a writer
  • You get noticed
  • You get familiar with deadlines
  • You improve through feedback
  • Recycle your work

You Get Money If You Win

Money is always a great motivator. The money you win in writing contests ranges from hundreds to thousands of pounds or dollars. This money can be enough to support your lifestyle while you author a new book. 

You Get Inspiration to Write Better

Most competitions usually impose a theme on which the competition will be based on. This can help you discover new writing ideas. This applies to both paid and free writing contests

You Get Bragging Rights

A win earns you some bragging rights. You get to tell others about it, earning you respect from fellow writers. Winning a writing competition gives additional credit to your resume helping further your writing career. 

You Get Published

Some contests give publication as part of the prize, especially for short stories. A win usually means publication in a journal or magazine of the organizers of the contest. This is very important because it exposes you to the world. 

You Get Validation as A Writer

As a writer, validation only comes after you write. But seek to get validation from within and not without. A win or a finalist spot should only show that your work reverberates well with other writers in the industry. 

You Get Noticed

Entering a writing completion gets you noticed. This greatly promotes you and gives you exposure to readers, editors, publishers, and literary agents. It should not be a shock if a renowned and respected editor in the industry gives you a call after a win. 

You Get Familiar with Deadlines

Deadlines motivate a writer to finish up on stalled projects. Meeting deadlines is a struggle for many writers. A writing contest will help you get acquainted with meeting deadlines. 

You Improve Through Feedback

Most writing competitions have the option of getting feedback from the judges. As a writer, value the judges’ criticism and take necessary measures to improve in the weak areas.

Recycle Your Work

If you don’t get a placement in a contest, you can rewrite and polish your work and enter another contest. Never discard the work you have written; it might be a winning piece in another competition. 


Daily pursue mastery of your craft. You will get perfect at it as you practice more. Enter your work in as many publisher calls and competitions as you can. If money is a problem, enter free writing contests. 


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