Organization of first aid points

Fulfilling the obligations of the employer in terms of ensuring an efficiently operating first aid system also includes the organization of first aid points and ausbildung betrieblicher ersthelfer.

Occupational health risks

First aid points are established in enterprises whose structures carry out work involving a high risk of an accident or the emission of vapors, gases, or dust of substances classified as dangerous due to acute toxic effects. The equipment of the point depends on the type of activity, including the severity of the threats. The business manager must determine wie viele ersthelfer im betrieb should be.

Different equipment will be placed at the first aid point located in the underground mining plant, and still, other accessories will be at the point in the enterprise conducting cultural and educational activities. The number, location, and equipment of first aid points should be determined in consultation with the doctor who provides preventive health care for the employees. Erste hilfe kurs im betrieb should be entrusted to designated employees trained in first aid.

First aid kits equipment

First aid kits should be available in every workplace. The rules for determining their number, location, and equipment are the same as in the case of first aid points, i.e. the type of activity and hazards are the determining factor. However, according to the OHS principle, first aid kits should contain only dressings, such as plasters, bandages, hydrogen peroxide. However, they should not contain medications, painkillers, drops, etc., unless the person designated for first aid has medical (e.g. medical) education and is authorized to administer such agents.

An efficiently functioning first aid system in the event of an injury, accident, or sudden attack of illness, as well as appropriate first aid measures is an essential element that should be guaranteed by every employer in a given workplace. A properly equipped and labeled first aid kit is crucial when providing first aid to an injured person.

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