Primary level of education is the crucial part of learning ina child’s life. It is the formative years within which the learner sets his moral principles, values, attitudes, and pillars of knowledge that are used for longer years in time.

As students grow and enter higher levels of education, the greater are the challenges or dilemmas presented at hand. It is for these reasons why parents should carefully choose the educational institutions where their children are being sent.

In the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, the institution prioritizes the needs of its students. Every learner is given primordial attention and concern as the key factor in the teaching-learning process. As part of the school’s vision, Thomasians are molded holistically to achieve total development as an individual.

The UST preschool is safe, secured, and effective in providing the best for the child. If you are a parent, the situation is highly-relatable, but fret not as the university strictly monitors its students.

To know further how your child can grow further as a Thomasian, here’s a guide for you to see.

Top-Notch School Facilities

In terms of campus facilities, University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi has it all for you. As regards the primary level, every pupil can maximize the available resources found in the classroom. These are built and provided by the school to aid in their learning progress. All of which are necessary to ensure that learners’ needs are fulfilled at all times.

These facilities are included in the UST tuition fee which comes at a reasonable price. As of today, the institution is using advanced technological resources which are consistently upgraded, if necessary. Students can fully enjoy these school materials for educational purposes.

Every student is guaranteed with the best facilities. The level of quality is definitely notable.

Great Opportunities For Academic Success

Learners in the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi are given not only resources, but as well as opportunities to excel. As part of the school’s vision, students are trained to achieve greater heights. There are varying competitions and seminar-workshops used to train students in terms of their skills or abilities.

Academic success is generally at a significant level that helps students become more globally competitive. As the premiere University in Bicol, UST-Legazpi aims to mould students to be more responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Proficient Educators

UST-Legazpi is equipped with proficient and competent educators in the primary level which help students to realize their fullest potentials. These teachers are experts in their respective fields that help them to progress in the other levels of education, such as the UST graduate school, for instance.

These educators have a huge impact in the learning process of the student. All of these professionals are working with high standards to achieve more successes that are worth celebrating.

Final Word

If you have a child, this is a guide for you to start enrolling him to UST-Legazpi. Thomasians are developed holistically to realize their skills and abilities through a well-guided curriculum program. Let this serve as your brief overview.


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