How to Prepare for Important School Exams

The final years at school are the most important as it’s when exams and key assessments take place. They can be a stressful time and preparation can make all the difference when it comes to managing it. Here are some tips that we have created alongside a co-ed school in London to help you walk into your exam hall ready and confident.

Create a Schedule

A plan of action is the best way to tackle any challenge. It can be quite easy to feel overwhelmed by a list of deadlines and sitting down to evaluate them against the time that you have available can help you to manage that stress. You can see exactly what needs to be done in an easy-to-understand, day-to-day format to achieve the grades that you need. It is important however that you aren’t over optimistic when doing so as overloading yourself with more work than you are capable of can lead to burnout and procrastination.

Plan for Fun

As mentioned earlier, burnout is something that you should try and avoid by not over working. Try to make time to have fun and socialise as it will help to keep the mind refreshed and your creativity at its peak.

Talk To Teachers

If there’s something that you don’t quite understand, speak to your teachers. They are there to help and there’s more than likely someone else with the same questions that you can help them with by asking.

Practice Exam Questions

Exams are timed which means that every second counts. Based on the number of marks available and type of question, you may even be able to work out how much time you should spend on each. Timing yourself will really help you to get faster and make sure that nothing is missed off when doing the real thing.

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