Which age group cans อ่านการ์ตูน?

Manga has something for everyone, but there is a contradiction because not all manga is suitable for all ages. Some manga is definitely not good for children. However, it can often be hard for parents and guardians to tell which titles are suitable for children and young adults just by looking at the cover. Thankfully, there is a rating system which can help parents separate what titles are right for their child. 

Here are some facts about rating system in manga comic books.

E stands for every one and A stands for all ages it clearly means if the rating is E/A then the book is suitable for all those Readers who are between 6 and up. 

Second rating type is Y which stands for youth it means people who are 10+ will be able to มังงะ and understand it as it can contain some violence. But after all these things parents have to decide if their children is as mature on that level so they could understand these kind of mild violation based comic books. 

The third rating type is T which stands for teens. Teen’s means children 13+ Teen .Teen titles should be carefully reviewed by parents to ensure that their child is mature enough for the material as it may contain some sexual innuendo or violent action. Parents guide is recommended for all the categorized rating while reading manga.

 The next type of rating is OT which stands for older teens means age 16+ this rated manga may contain more explicit sexual situations and some violent scenes, including blood as well as gore. Manga is known for its graphic and violent tales, parents are encouraged to review these titles before giving them to teens. 

And the next type of rating is M which stands for mature or we can say people who are 18+. And these comics are strictly for the adults only as it may contain sexual situation, bloody battles, war and mayhem. Parents are highly advised to do not give these titles to their kidsอ่านการ์ตูนas it can affect them badly.

These ratings are helpful to divide manga comic’s category wise so that people can enjoy it on their maturity level and kids don’t lose their cuteness due to adult content. It’s famous worldwide and getting famous day by day as it has a long list of manga series which can be seen online.

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