Top Sectors With Highest Unemployment Rate In Bangalore Amidst Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many parts of the world into splits, and the devastating impact has brought turmoil to many economic sectors. India has also taken the heat off it as the national lockdown led to a sudden halt in many industries. While every state has tried to emerge from this fallout, developed cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore have also struggled along the way. All these problems have resulted in a surge in the unemployment rate in numerous sectors in Bangalore. 

As per reports, the overall spike in the country has come to 27.11% and a part of it is attributed to Bangalore as well. Let us understand how challenging it is to find a job vacancy in Bangalore in the given sectors. Also, how job seekers can use platforms like WorkIndia to search for potential job availability in every part of the country. Yes, with a credible platform like this, it becomes convenient to battle against the rising unemployment rate. 

Unemployment In Bangalore: Sectors With The Highest Rate 

The rise in the unemployment rate in Bangalore is creating barriers for people to find a job vacancy in Bangalore. While every sector of the economy has struggled through the lockdown, these given industries have taken on the major hit. The operations in these sectors almost lost their pace during the pandemic. So, Let us comprehend this impact in detail. 

Travel & Tourism 

There is no wonder in the fall of the travel and tourism sector, which lays employment for thousands of people. With the world confined to their homes, there has been no scope of operations in this sector. People working in travel agencies, companies, tour planners, etc., have lost their jobs. 

Aviation & Hospitality Industry

The aviation and hospitality industries have also suffered. Since the airlines were not running apart from essential services and hotels were shut during the lockdown, companies have not offered a job vacancy in Bangalore in these sectors. 

Educational Sector 

Schools, colleges, and universities are still not fully operational. Teachers and professors have worked from their homes, so there has been no such vacancy for new people to turn in. Teachers and tutors have struggled to find work during the lockdown. 

Entry-Level Jobs 

Entry-level jobs like receptionists, front-desk and back-office assistants, personal assistants, etc., have also contributed to the unemployment rate. Almost every office was shut down with no staff coming to the premises, the scope for new professionals and individuals to fit in is slim. 

Construction Sector 

The construction sector is also a major part of the developed infrastructure of Bangalore. Finding a job vacancy in Bangalore in this sector has been a challenge since the lockdown, given the operations have been down and the supply of raw materials was also not possible. Many laborers have lost employment in this sector during this period while many high-post engineers have also found themselves in trouble. 

Retail & Commercial Market 

Supermarkets, small and big retail stores and the general commercial market works as the informal sector, offering job opportunities to thousands of job seekers. This sector has also remained shut for around a year as employers laid employees off the chart lest hire someone new. 

Transportation Sector 

The transportation sector has also remained dysfunctional during the lockdown. From private cab drivers to public bus and truck drivers, there has been no scope for individuals to find work. Many private cab companies have also cut off staff members in the process. 


All these sectors are in the recovering stage, with markets recovering back to normal. Although the unemployment rate was the highest amidst lockdown, possibilities are now opening up for job seekers. Just use the right platform to discover a job vacancy in Bangalore. 

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