What Is the Optimum Time Period for Preparing IELTS Exam and Available Registration Dates?

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is one of the most popular exams taken by students to study abroad. If you are someone who is thinking to start preparing for the exam, then you must have an accurate idea about how much time is needed for preparing for the exam.

What are the sections in the IELTS exam?

The IELTS is the door to abroad education and one of the most sought exams in the world. You should have a look at the IELTS registration dates and confirm the type of test you want to take. The exam comprises of four sections:

●     Reading Section

The exam is about 60 minutes long. You are asked around 40 questions in this section and are awarded points according to their merit.

●     Writing Section

This exam duration is around 60 minutes and consists of 2 tasks. You are awarded points according to their performance.

●     Listening Section

The duration for the listening section is about 30 minutes and you are asked 40 questions.

●     Speaking Section

The speaking section consists of 3 parts and the duration of the test is around 11-14 minutes.

How much time is needed for the preparation of IELTS?

Students have suggested that it is possible to prepare for exams at home by creating a realistic plan and a proper practice pattern. For preparing for the IELTS exam, most of the students have said that it requires around 3-4 months.

A rigorous study timetable for the exam and the student can easily crack the exam. Securing a good band on the exam will secure a good college in your dream country. Here are the best steps along with the time required to prepare for the IELTS exam::

●     Find your merit

First of all, you should find where you stand now by simply taking some tests. The tests can be from mock tests or previous year questions. This might take around 1 week in which you can examine yourself.

●     Improve your English

Improving English will consist of rigorous reading and writing in good English. Understanding the language from the basic level to an advanced level. This might take around 1-2 months depending upon your command of English level.

●     Test yourself

At last, the most important part of the preparation is testing yourself, this section depends on you and you can take as much as you want for this. Generally, toppers of the IELTS exam have reported that they practiced for around 1-2 months.

This way if you are a beginner then you will need around 5-6 months for the best preparation for the exam. The time may vary depending upon your level; hence it is advised that the student should examine themselves very accurately. Hence, you can easily apply for the exam whenever you feel appropriate depending upon your level of preparation by getting the information of the IELTS registration dates from the official website at the proper time interval from the beginning of their preparation.

What are the Registration dates for the IELTS exam?

The IELTS is offered around 4 times a month making a total of 48 exam dates in a year. The exams are mostly held on Saturdays and Sundays to provide convenience. The IELTS registration dates are very flexible for the sake of applicants. Applicants can simply visit the official website and register for a test for themselves. Click here to know more about IELTS registration and how you can book a suitable date for yourself at your preferred location.

The IELTS registration dates are available three times a day and the slots are available almost every day. The exam dates are very flexible, and it provides ample test centers so that the applicant can easily give their exams.

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