The Advantages of an OSSD High School Diploma

Frequent cases have proven that the chance to take admission into universities of Canada with an Ontario OSSD High School Diploma ismuch higher than those studentswho don’t have such diplomas and degrees. Here is a discussion on the advantages of an OSSD. Read on this article to know more about OSSD High School Course.

#- What is Ontario Secondary School Diploma?

 The OSSD is a world-renowned system of education. With their excellent teaching quality and strict academic values, the universities are recognized around the world. This diploma has the same level of recognition and advantages as other international diplomas like IB, AP, etc. 

#- What are Graduation Requirements?

Ontario has an academic credit system to earn an OSSD. 

  • A student has to complete 30 high school credit courses: 18 mandatory and 12 optional credits. 
  • Pass the Ontario secondary school literacy test; it is the test of English language proficiency.
  • A student also completes 40 hours of social volunteering. 

Advantages of OSSD High School Diploma for Non-western Students

  1. Course Advantages: Each student can choose the universityaccording to his/her preferences and also choose the high school courses according to their dream major. The mathematics and science curriculum in Canada is simply compared to the same-grade level curriculum in other countries. That’s why international students have higher points to compete with local Canadian students. 
  2. Highly-Reputed Education System: The education system of Canadianhigh schools is similar to that of high schools in the United States, the UK, and Australia. The curriculum and difficulty of the courses are similar to schools of the above-mentioned countries. Students who take OSSD Courses can apply to other western universitiesas well. 

Achievement Advantages: The admission procedure ofuniversitiesin Canada do not base on a single test score. It determines the grade of each course by the usual grade system and the final examination grade. One examination is not satisfactory to students as they get the opportunity to retake.

  1. Application to Universities:  The Canadian OSSD High School diploma will give extra points to western universities applicants. American universities are willing to accept those students who already have northern American life and learning experiences. 
  2. Essential for Some Trades: Some students are opting forpost-graduation after they complete graduation from school or university. Skill trading is being a professional and trading skill for money. Hence, some professionals require OSSD as Canada is one of the biggest industrial sectors. 

Wrapping Up!

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