The Challenges Of Learning The Chinese Language 


Singapore is a country with different cultures, languages, and ethnicities. Although English is the dominant language used in school, most of the population also speak Chinese fluently. There is Chinese tuition available for students who want to have a better understanding of the Chinese language in preparation for employment with a Chinese multinational company in the future. 

The importance of Chinese tuition is recognized by young students in Singapore particularly those who are have set their sights on working in countries where China is the dominant force. It is easier to do business and negotiate better deals with Chinese companies when one is fluent in the Mandarin language. Large populations in many countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines speak the Mandarin language. 

Learning Mandarin is now easier because of the presence of Chinese tuition. There is the option of home tutors who can provide one-on-one attention to primary and secondary students including those in junior college who want to learn the language within the comfort of home. 

There are language learning centres that teach Chinese but it is impossible for a teacher to provide individualized attention to all the students. A Chinese tutor focuses all his attention on the student and provides him with the necessary encouragement to learn the language. Aside from a comfortable learning environment, there are no distractions to the learning process. Chinese tuition can also be personalized according to the learning pace of the student. 

Unlike the fixed timetables of language learning centres, home tutors are flexible with their time. They can easily adjust their time to the availability of the student. More importantly, students can negotiate with the home tutor if they want to increase the frequency of the Chinese lessons due to personal reasons. 

Learning a foreign language has its share of challenges. Problems like vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation need the help of a private tutor. In Singapore, children are familiar with the Mandarin language because it is used in conversations but the difficulty is vocabulary that relies heavily on memorization. Home tutors usually use flashcards and visuals so that the student will easily build a foundation of words he can use for future reference. 


Grammar is particularly difficult for students who are used to conversing in English. The Chinese language has an entirely different grammar. A tutor has different approaches when teaching grammar so that the student will learn easily. If one approach does not work, a different approach is used that will make the student more comfortable. 

Even if the student has learned the basics of the Chinese language, pronunciation is another challenge. Many students will feel uncomfortable with their accent making them self-conscious in speaking the new language. Chinese tuition can provide a native Chinese speaker to help with pronunciation and grammar. Because most home tutors have undergone the vigorous educational system of Singapore, they understand the challenges that the student is going through. Their experience makes them the best source of information and advice on decisions regarding their foreign language education. 


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