Learning the Native Language before you Move

Vaccines will soon come into the market and end this lockdown. Things will finally start to get normal. The doors of traveling which were closed due to the pandemic will also open again. The students who were waiting for this to finally go and study abroad in the schools they want will finally be able to go and start preparations. While most of the students only focus on getting into their favorite school from around the world, they forget one important thing – language. Yes! If you are moving abroad for studies, wouldn’t it be wise to get to know the local language better? Even though English is used in most parts of the world, you can’t go unprepared. Even if you are moving to an English-speaking country, there are different dialects and accents that you must know as well as be able to speak the basics to help you communicate.

If the country you are planning to move to has a majority of English speakers, then you need to train yourself to communicate confidently. On top of that, if you are coming from a country where English isn’t a primary language then you will need to score well in language proficiency exams like TOEFL, IELTS and TOEIC. All the mentioned exams need you to give a writing, reading and listening test to check your proficiency. Taking normal English lessons won’t take you far, rather we suggest using an application named ELSA. ELSA is an English speaking app, it will not only helps you in preparing for the exams mentioned above but also helps you in learning to speak English with correct pronunciation, intonation, word stress, etc. With the help of this app, you can learn to speak like a native English speaker. Apart from using this app, you can watch movies, news, and speakers, on youtube, from that area to get better at listening.

Now, for the ones who are going to a country where the majority speaks a language other than English. Is it Japanese, Spanish or French? Select from over a range of 24 languages and start your linguistic venture with the help of Rosetta Stone.  This app offers bite-size videos to help you learn more efficiently. You can even check the pronunciation of a word using the feature in this app. Another app that is totally free of cost and offers a variety of languages is Duolingo. Duolingo has immersive exercises that help you grasp the language quickly. With many interesting games included that are focused on different topics, this app is favorable if you have less time at your hand. Apart from these apps, as always, remember to watch the local content of the place you are moving to. Speaking the language you are learning with any friend and practicing it daily, will help you understand the language better and faster.

It takes time and effort to learn a language. Remember to practice speaking and also listening to that particular language regularly. Keep learning.

News Reporter