ITI Technical College Adds Construction Management Associate Degree Classes.

We are so happy and would like ITI Technical College to introduce their Construction Management Program this season. During the program, learners will be armed with skills required to enter, ultimately excel, and succeed in various areas in the construction industry.

Graduates will be equipped to join the workforce in Construction Management as materials management coordinator, construction coordinator, project services coordinator, assistant scheduling coordinator, assistant superintendent, and assistant project manager.

A new Construction Management degree is announced in Baton Rouge, LA. The ITI Technical College is adding an exciting and new Associate in Occupational Studies degree, which will be under the Construction Management.

Founded over 40 years ago, the ITI Technical College fits industries and businesses’ requirements in Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast region. Since its formation, ITI has assisted thousands of people in fulfilling their desire for a good life.

Students who will pursue Construction Management will graduate with skills that will help them secure vast job opportunities. That has been on the rise due to the increased demand for construction managers all over the Gulf Coast.

The CEO and President of Complete Construction Contractors (LCC), Matt Morris, emphasizes the ITI Technical College has been the front runner in specialized engineering training for many years and of late making a change in the field of Construction Management.

The main focus is on offering formal training for learners to help enrich and boost the commercial, industrial, and industrial construction sectors. There has been a shortage of officially trained Construct Management graduates in this field due to constant market growth. And we trust that this new program will significantly equip students with the adequate skills required for the job market.

In the two years of Construction Management associate degree in ITI Technical Training College. Students are equipped with the business aspects of construction such as reading of plan, labor and material cost estimation, procurement, construction scheduling, and project controls and management. In this sector, salaries are very competitive.   

A two-year program at the ITI focuses on their final users’ needs, and that is the employers.  The course is flexible to the dynamic market needs. ITI has the ability to provide fast delivery of their academic objectives to the learners without necessarily taking long breaks.

Construction Management Program at ITI Technical College will provide career opportunities for students and ensure graduates get jobs after completion of the two-year training.


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