How data analytics is helping reshape the education industry?

What is data analytics?

Data analytics refers to the science of using data and uses it to draw some meaningful conclusions. Data analytics works on algorithms to identify some patterns in the data. It can also be used in predictions. All this data is fed into a machine program that provides some output. 

The use of data analytics in education has completely transformed the industry. With the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been forced to work from home. People are learning to stay at home. All the colleges, as well as school courses, have been made for remote learning. This COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a blessing in disguise for data analytics. 

There has been a sudden increase in the number of people learning to use the internet. Companies use this data to further their business plans. Many new start-ups have popped up that offer online meetings. Applications like Zoom and Google Meet are reshaping how we learn and interact with others. 

Data analytics before the outbreak

It is not that data analytics came all of a sudden. It had already left its mark in the education industry even before the outbreak of this virus. This virus has just increased its reach and potential. It has increased the demand for programming skills in the industry. Data analytics has challenged the traditional infrastructure of the education industry. 

Advantages of data analytics in the education industry

Here is a list of how data analytics has helped us in the education industry:

  • Schools and colleges have traditionally used data analytics to keep track of students dropping out. This data is fed into the system, and it can be used to help improve the situation. This useful data can help understand why students drop out, their likely age to drop out, the reasons why they drop out, and other data. 
  • Educational institutions have also used data analytics to keep track of grades. Educational institutes like to keep uniformity. Every year, they have to set exams for the students. Data science course can help them find how students are likely to perform, given the tests’ difficulty level. It can also help to identify repeated questions. It can reduce team size in educational institutes, which can help them cut costs. It can help determine the best number of questions in a test, which can help institutes and students. 

Data analytics in this age

This year has been the golden age of data analytics. Virtual meetings have taken over traditional meetings. Due to COVID protocols, we are not able to physically conduct meetings. People are forced to look for alternatives. This is where data analytics comes in and changes the entire game. 

Educational institutions have lots of data. They have data about students, performance on tests, faculty members, and more. If this data is put to good use, data analytics can be a game-changer. It helps with the easy delivery of instructions. You can see how easily people switched over to remote learning from traditional learning. The education industry can be completely transformed using data analytics. 


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