Gear Up For JEE Main Exam With These Preparation Tips

So, you have started preparing for your upcoming JEE Main exams. You are all set to leave no stones unturned to crack the exam and pass with flying colours. So, to help you with your preparation, here are some exam tips. Read on to make your preparations more effective!

Be thorough with your JEE syllabus.

Before appearing for the exams, you cannot leave any topic untouched in your syllabus. So, start with the essential topics before moving on to the more complex ones. It won’t be easy to get back to the basics once the exam date approaches. Complete and revise every chapter thoroughly as you move forward. You will not get the time to start new topics at the fag end of your preparations.

Make the most of the final two months.

The last two months are crucial in your JEE Main preparation. So, let’s divide these two months into two phases of revision and analysis. First, ensure you complete the syllabus two months before the exam date. This way, you can keep the first month entirely for revisions and the second one for self-analysis. Then, let the second month focus on solving the previous year’s papers and mock tests.

Develop the right study habits for JEE Main

A common misconception is that cracking the exam is about studying non-stop for ten or twelve hours. However, the truth is that candidates have passed with flying colours even with five to six hours of study. It’s all about making the study hours as productive as possible. So, keep these three points in mind:

  • Study complex chapters when you feel the most effective – early or late in the evenings.
  • Maintain a balance of easy and tough topics in your daily routine. Only focusing on tough topics will cause mental fatigue.
  • Keep taking short breaks in between long hours of studying.

Start preparing flashcards or short notes.

Flashcards make your revisions easier than ever. Instead of going through long chapters in the last two months before the exams, you can take a look at your JEE Main flashcards. First, note the flashcards’ essential formulas, theories, and examples. Then, as the exam draws near, you will be thankful that you prepared these short notes.

Try as many mock tests as possible.

You will find mock tests for JEE on different websites. So, try solving those mock papers within the stipulated time. It will help you understand how prepared you are for the exams. At the same time, you will improve your time management skills. After solving the mock papers, go through the questions you skipped or gave wrong answers to. It will help you understand your areas of improvement.

And that’s all! Following these tips will make it easier for you to prepare for your exams. To remain motivated and focused, you’ll do well in JEE Main. All the best!


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