Federico Carro – Making it to the top

No lack of advice is available to those who desire to pursue or establish a rewarding career. The amount of material written on the subject might quickly fill a library. “Follow your passion,” a standard bit of advice that is both concise and complete, is a popular piece of advice. Federico Carro has been working on this for quite some time now. Federico Carro is a painter, novelist, composer, musician, screenplay, performer, visual artist, 3D generalist, and creator. He was born in La Spezia on June 15th, 1991 & grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by its beautiful nature, devoting his time to creating and producing landscapes and gathering motivation for his later publications as a poet, painter, and musician. Music and literature are his obsessions, and he’s been attempting to compose amazing music for as long as he can remember. 

While he was working on his first novel – after numerous singing and piano lessons- a growing interest in blues and jazz, and a variety of poems turned into songs, the singer realized his dream of releasing an album. An album whose title is inspired by a song he wrote and dedicated to her long-lost childhood friend, “Come un Lampo,” whose intensity, fueled by the emotions that the song’s history has brought, goes hand in hand with the album’s classification triumph. In fact, “Come un lampo” is ranked 36th in the list of independent artists in Italy and second in the list of emerging artists: concrete results and immediate risks, a testament to a distinct style and voice, undeniable talent, and the ability to make an impact in the independent music scene in Italy and beyond.

Federico completed the record, which he titled “Come un Lampo,” in loving memory of a departed friend, with the help and encouragement of several partners. He also made a video for the track “Come un Lampo” later. During this time, he completed his book “Il Segreto del verziere” as well as other music videos such as “Lovely Storm” and “Replace My Soul,” the latter of which was inspired by a terrible love tale with a French girl. His projects are usually related to fantasy, adventure, action literature, video games, action figures, religion, science, and other fields. For example, in his third novel, he narrates the story of how “Deja vu” came to be. 

The holy tomb in Jerusalem, where it all began, Vernazza, where he drafted his first novel, the Middle Ages, where the structure of my universe comes to life, the Templars and Crusaders, medieval legends, and Turin, where the crusader in the fantasy trilogy tries to go, are all references to his project. He partnered with Marco Stanzani, a music promoter who has worked with Renato Zero, Modà, Pooh, Paola, Chiara, and many other composers, to launch his first two music albums for most Italian radio stations. He also collaborated with Bentley Records (a Wall Street record label) to release his second album abroad under their brand. Renato Minore, a Rai journalist, and university professor collaborated on one of his novels’ prefaces. His third work, translated into English, was later launched in England with the help of James Essinger, an Oxford graduate. In Venice, he had his screenplay’s cover designed by the same person who does Tim Burton’s. 

In Turin, he was approached by Bentley Records, a New York-based multinational record label that teamed with Sony Universal Music and Warner Music to market his unreleased second album. Recently, Federico Carro’s Rising Flame, the fourth single from his second album, “Starlight,” has arrived. The 1980s influenced this work. If we close our eyes for a moment, we can travel back to the days when the radio broadcasted these electronic, hypnotic noises. Going back in time musically is difficult. Federico performed an excellent job. Soundscapes from the past are mixed with contemporary musical moments. As a result, the music makes an immediate impression on the listener!

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