Everything You Must Know Before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can make a lot of money and have a lot of independence. That doesn’t mean that it’s an easy job, or that everybody succeeds. It takes hard work, determination and perseverance to be a good real estate agent. You have to attend courses, pass an exam, and find a broker to work with to become an agent. When you’ve got your license, the job isn’t over. You have to learn how to market houses that they don’t teach in real estate education. If you can do so through the licensing process and in the first six months, real estate can be a fantastic industry to be in.

What are the simple steps to becoming a real estate agent?

Here are several simple steps to becoming an agent. I will go into more depth on each of these measures later in the post. It may sound like a lot of effort, but most of the things that are worth it require a task.


Many states expect candidates to be 18 or 19 years of age. Many states also mandate that background checks be carried out and that the candidates be fingerprinted. There are no laws on what offenses will be called all right or not all right to get your license. Each state has its own separate laws. A few jurisdictions have even spoken of having a graduate degree. There are many sites, which provide course units.

Education and education

Education standards vary in each state, but most states prescribe a minimum amount of classroom time. Not only do you have to attend lessons, but also you still have to complete quizzes and exams along the way.

Checking with

Once you’ve completed all the necessary courses, you’ll need to take an exam. Many states have national and state exams. The exam is not a cakewalk, because this is the first time many people have stumbled. Any people have never been able to move it. Even with thorough real estate experience, you need to prep for an exam because it’s very tricky.

Select a broker

If you have completed the exam, took the lessons, and pass the background check, you need to find a broker. You can’t become a real estate agent on your own.Brokers must be trained and registered as agents for at least two years in most states before they can become brokers. Fresh agents need to “hang” their license with a broker who’s going to oversee them to make sure that they’re not misusing it. Each broker has various instructions for how to pay and charge agents.

Selling of houses

In the end, you finally get to sell houses and make money! Don’t get too excited—going it’s to take a while to sell a building. Even if you get an offer in the first month of business, it can take 30 days or longer for the deal to close (sell). Real estate brokers normally do not get paid until the contract is completed and they mostly work on commissions.

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