Are virtual college visits effective for prospective students?

Due to the global pandemic outburst, many students are experiencing online college tours for online colleges for military. Several universities across the world have organized virtual college tours for prospective students.

It is even possible that in the forthcoming years, online college tours would replace in-person college visits.

A 200 virtual tourlets colleges display their whole campus via an online visit. Virtual college visits are pretty different from normal pictures or videos. They are made with Google Street Views: a technique that is utilized in Google maps. Also, virtual college tours make an absolutely immersive experience.

Pros of a virtual college campus tour

  1. It can help in making you familiar with the college and its provisions.
  2. As a student, you can see many amazing features of the college, including the infrastructure, classrooms, laboratories.
  3. Flight tickets are too expensive, and if you have a tight budget, it can be good to just remain at home and get on your PC or laptop rather than booking plane tickets to the college. Thus, a virtual college tour can save you lots of money.

Do online college tours have impacts similar to in-person visits?

As per recent surveys, many students are much more likely to prefer the schools that are adjacent to their houses. With the coming of virtual campus tours, students are getting loads of details about the nearby colleges.

Schools/colleges post videos and images that give the future learners and their families a notion of what is inside the campus. They may not create a great impact like the personal college visits, but they will definitely save lots of time and money.

Many new students will learn many unique things about a college via a virtual visit instead of reading remarkable stats written on the college website.

How are virtual campus visits changing the admission procedure?

Currently, technology has changed the method of learning. Altogether, it has changed the way students decide on the colleges they need to join. One very vital tool enabling this change is virtual campus visits.

As per a survey, 36 percent of registered aspirants stated that they want a virtual campus visit added for primary assessment of the college. An extra 30 percent of aspirants said that a virtual campus visit was a must. It signifies that virtual visit are swiftly becoming one of the most excellent ways that colleges have.

If your university isn’t sure where to start, here is your quick and simple guide to integrating virtual college tours for high school students into your online marketing.

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