Advantages of Online Tuitions: A Sneak Peek

In recent times, technology has taken over our lives. Every single work in our lives can be done online, be it shopping, reading, communication, entertainment, and everything in between. Similarly, the education system has taken big steps so that students can learn online. There are many advantages of online tutoring (bimbel online, which is the term in Indonesian), these are a few of them:

·       Access To The Material

One of the main benefits of online tutoring is that the students have access to the study material all the time. As students now can get textbooks and reference material online, the lecture coinciding with that particular text must be available whenever they need to go over it. The lectures can be recorded and saved for later usage. This helps them during exams when they are revising, so they don’t miss out on tiny details which are always a possibility with physical classes.

·       No Geographical Restraints

Physical tuitions depend a lot on the geographical location of the teacher and the student. A student might not get access to a good teacher due to distance. Online tutoring eliminates all these problems and constraints. A student has access to the best teacher in the world no matter where they are, all one needs is a smartphone and internet connectivity which is available for most people. This system also gets rid of the need for traveling. After a hectic day at the school or college, it is seen as a burden for students if they have to travel for a long time to go to another class. Online tutoring means that they can learn at the comfort of their own house.

·       Engagement

Online tutoring ensures more engagement between the student and the teacher.  Different tools like audiovisual learning and sharing of material in real-time increase the interest and attention of a student which helps in the understanding of concepts. Due to this, there is more interaction between the teacher and the student whereas normally a student might sit idly in a class without paying attention.  the student can clear out doubts while they are going over the class later because of online connectivity which is not a possibility for physical classes. This method is a more personalized and targeted form of providing education.

Technology is very useful if accessed properly. Online tutoring is extremely advantageous and should be accessed by more students.

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