Many people find it difficult to score for PSLE Chinese. The earlier you begin with your child, the better they will develop at writing essays, comprehension exams, and answering questions from reading papers. It is never too early to improve your child’s Chinese language skills and talents.

PSLE results day is quickly approaching, and many people are beginning to fear it. This anxiety, however, is frequently unhealthy since it can impair your child’s learning abilities and cause extra stress. You’ll be able to have more fun with your youngster by employing these 3 tips, enabling them to comprehend the topic thoroughly.

1. Learn Shortcuts for Quickly Solving Exercises

How quickly your child can solve the activities is a vital skill in PSLE Chinese. The faster they can work, the more time they will have to concentrate on additional, more challenging issues.

If they are given an assignment to write a particular character, they must write every stroke of it. Likewise, if students are instructed to read a certain sentence or paragraph, they must attentively read each word.

Even if they execute everything right, it will take them a long time to complete the entire activity. However, they will be much more efficient if they know shortcuts for these activities! The easiest method to master this ability is to practise regularly and learn specific shortcuts for problem resolution.

2. Read a variety of books for exposure!

Reading broadly will assist your youngster in developing reading skills and improving their academic achievement. It also exposes them to various information, which helps them widen their horizons, expand their vocabulary, and improve their communication skills.

Reading broadly might assist your youngster in learning about many people and locations. It will also educate him on history, geography, and culture. It broadens his perspective on life outside of home and school.

Reading literature teaches your child to be more sensitive to the feelings, values, and emotions of others. It also helps youngsters develop empathy and compassion for the needs of others as well as their self-development requirements.

3. Ensure that your youngster gets frequent breaks.

Many students fail to do well in the PSLE Chinese papers because they do not take adequate pauses in between them. In addition, most students are so focused on completing all of their papers that they forget to take breaks. They also fail to eat and drink throughout the examination. As a result, they may become dehydrated or lose attention when they feel hungry and thirsty.

You should ensure that your child waits at least 10 minutes between papers and additional 10 minutes before beginning to write the following paper. This will allow them to recuperate from exhaustion and refocus on writing each assignment.


For many parents and kids, the PSLE is a difficult time. It may be pretty stressful for parents, who are always concerned that their child will not get admitted to their preferred school or will flunk the exam.

As a result, many parents want to learn more about any methods or tricks that might help them improve their child’s PSLE score.

Many Chinese tuition centres provide various courses to assist students in learning to read and write in Chinese and improve their speaking abilities with a focus on conversational language.

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